Lesson Plans
Art 8B 1st Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/25/2014 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
continue with the line exercise. Then move on to shape. Give the kids notes on shape , list to notes is in the book. for an exercise divide the paper in 4ths and draw horizontally, first square create a city scene with geometric shapes, 2nd create a country scene with organic and for 3 create a city scape with organic and a country with geometric. have fun on the board and help the students create interesting shapes both organic and geometric.Show the you tube videos to the matisse videos . the are located in the book mark painting. I shows him using color and cut out shapes to create a work of art . his shapes were painted by him them cut out and arranged in a painting like college. the shapes are very organic and the painting has his natural feeling to it.
work on organic matisse like shape piece.
Hang these in the hallway.
They still have friday drawing due on thursday. At the end of this assignment work on that or if their is to much time. i will have them draw the black and white flowers i have in the book for them it is a preamble to the baroque unit.
this will depend on what happened on tuesday. We will begin the drawing other wise. once all the drawings are done . the students will have some notes on baroque life and paintings, from art history books. listen to baroque music, from a cd in the collection.
I will give them a flower compassion to draw. the flowers are in a folder in the 8th grade larger folder.After the flowers are drawn they are to be cored in with oil pastels , top drawer of the red and black cart.
Work on coloring the flowers, are they are colored we will co a black wash so we can achieve the look of the dark backgrounds and bright flowers of the baroque era.
Turn in friday drawings for 10 points.
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