Lesson Plans
Art 8B 1st Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/15/2014 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
We can start with color this week.
We will begin by painting the color wheel with water colors,addd neutrals
cool colors,complimentary colors,tints and shades

the are all painted , it takes 2 sheets of large paper to do this.
today we take the color wheel paintings we did yesterday and name parts of color,primary,secondary,neutrals,intermediary,analogous,cool ,warm,compliments,value and how red and green grey out each other and it works for all complements.
Also the class to have free painting time. This will be a good indication of their thought pattern. sometimes the white paper is very scary.
collect the one picture that the students want graded.
Add the last element of art which is form.
This will be a day of reteaching perspective. Teach 1 point perspective with cubes above and below the horizon line.Do 1 each place then see how the students do. Have them add 2 more on the bottom and 2 more on the top. word bank perspective,horizon line,corigonthal line,vanishing point. students will write a short 3 sentence story about one of their cubes,maybe it has a name ,maybe it is on an exoecdiation,have fun, read them out load to the class.Add 2 point perspective. Before this create a farm scene with 1 point perspective. do a drawing of a city street with 2 point perspective from 2 sides to the middle.
will be done with perspective.
Bring out the books and go over review notes of the quarter.
Get clay out and ready to work with.
Drawing of what they will create in clay.?If any clay is good we can start building a 3 demential animal.
Need to go over rules for working with clay. don't throw or touch othe rpeople with the clay,stay at your work stations,very important to clean up after yourselves!!

We will continue this on tuesday as we don't have class on monday due to homecoming.