Lesson Plans
Art Design 2nd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/16/2009 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
critical thinking day-draw a tree spend 1 hour on this
draw boxes to shade
3 -2 by 10 inch boxes,divided into 1 inch ret. shape from white to black in 10 steps,1st block is white last box is black fill in the values in between.1 row with a 4h pencil,1 row with a hb pencil and the last with a 6b pencil . note the differences in coloring to reach the values. work on this on tuesday.
shade in value scale
grade value scale tomarrow 5 points each pencil total 15 points
hand out bird cartoon packet-give assignment of drawing 1. parrot 2. draw all 6 stages to 1 bird 3. draw all 6 birds-due wed.at the door
grade cartoon packet as they come in the door-0,2 or 5 no way to make up these points
we will do the rest of the packet in class-advanced are working along with others -harder grading and work
Add shape notes
artist- picasso or gaughin
shape assignment-one with pictures from magizine 4 of each type of each geometric and organic
hand out artist drawing
weekly due-20 points
work on artist drawing if done add cartoon on shape.

musical 1 to 3

modify class next week