Lesson Plans
Art Design 2nd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/02/2013 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Introduce the concept of the next project on motorcycle. They will use a picture of a motorcycle and a small cut out window . pass the window around the picture and find the piece the will be the most interesting. it is not to define the motorcycle but rather to find a way to creat an abstract piece using this process.
They draw on watercolor paper and paint the image as th ecolors show.
Next step after painting is to use a black find point marker and go around all the subtitles that are found in th epainting in the colors and greys and even th eblacks.sign their name where they want the bottom to be.
continue with motor art cycle
continue with mot art cycle

if a student is done they have time to work on their weekly
Introduction to a cube a art. The students are given the dimensions to create a cube on. they make the cube and design a piece that goes all around.
work on finishing the cube and their friday drawing as needed.