Lesson Plans
Art Design 4th Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/17/2014 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
We will begin the week with line and the definition of it.
I will have a simple line exercise after we discuss line.
Read book and show images of van gogh, Our first line drawing will be a van gogh.
Hand out the drawings.
finish van gogh piece then a fun piece with a cartoon of charlie brown.
the element of art shape. Define the element. shape is organic or geometric.
break- do a 6 square and see how it begins.
define and explain who picasso was and what is work looks like.
For shape I have a piece of van goghs that is filled with shapes , we will create it on colored paper with colored paper.
colored paper continued.
Cartoon drawing of shape.
Notes on form- 3-D, look at form works and create a piece using clay that is designed around a theme . i haven't chosen the theme yet.