Lesson Plans
Art Design Period 3 4th Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/03/2006 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
The classes will work on creating a CD cover. Must contain made up information. Title, songs and song times, Artists names, design and colored or Black and white, production company,usb code. this will be created on the light weight cardboard set out.
They will also do the actual Cd, as to what it will look like. Create on paper handout, glued on cardboard.Place the Cd in the jacket. 30 points
The class today will first do the card box. Must think creatively and be serious about it. No goofing-unless you like to loose points. 10 points. the Cd and this one add up to 40 points. Make two pockets in your note books .
Then for shape, start a ripped paper abstract piece from the paper under the yellow rolling cart in the back of the room. You will be shown an example, do not do yours exactly the same. 20 points.
You will be given a series of characters to draw from. Carefully choose one, or Mrs. johnson can pass them out as she sees fit. This drawing you are looking for shape. The organic and geometric, do not attempt to do any shading. We are working on shape.20 points.
If you are finished from the magazines choose a drawing to do to represent shape. 20 points.
Finish on your 3rd shape drawing.
Look at the work of Pissaco. Mrs. Johnson will read basic information about the artist. You take notes. again these are worth 10 points.
You will be given a certain piece called the " Three musicans' to work with. The piece is considered a project. You are using many elements to create one piece. Cont.
On a page in your notebook create this piece in any colors you want. Keep them the same or change them . The paper will be ripped only. Each piece no bigger them an inch square. This is a project 50 points.
If you are all done for the week Mrs, Johnson will give you additional work to do, that I have given to her.