Lesson Plans
Art Design Period 4 4th Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/23/2009 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
The settings are not right, som I have to make do for now.
You will find info on the table find a place for it where is good for you. You will have both beginning and advanced desktop publishing.
After the beginning of class. Theri is the line defination to go through with the class. They are to look at and begin drawing the first design project -which is to have fun designing the word design. Markers maybe the best(all students)
Next assignment either hand out and start or wait on is line drawing beginners have a field and a man, adv have a man and 2 or 3 others.When right read the book on van gogh to the whole class
This will take you into Wed. maybe , movie on the elements of art is tuesday,take notes, we review next wed. when I get back and test on thursday next week.
Then the students will move into a cartoon drawing, I use this as a way to show cartooning is a part of art. Their is a group of sheets for all the students to draw, then sheets to help you build your own bird. 6 birds each- have them arranged in a meaningful way. Their are some real birds in a plastic sleeve on the table( these get returnrd to the packet when they are done)- the student chooses one from there or finds one on in the mag. in the back of the room. no
internet , even when they say I let them , not this time.Keep reminding them of the weekly drawing.
A challenge packet drawing- draw a larger image using the small pieces pictures of impression art.
Draw a cartoon with 8 frames, with the help from the cartoon drawing packet. The theme is " One day outside" make their own characters ,title,story and boxes
Thursday is the day for the movie on principles of art,take notes, review and quiz as per the first movie.
Next assignments will deal with the element shape.