Lesson Plans
Astronomy 1st Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/15/2014 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
Main Idea: what is light
Discussion: discuss what light is/ how light moves/ and basic properties of light
DEMO- light as energy and electric and magnetic waves and telescope collecting light
assign wrk 3.4 due on Wednesday
Assign words of week
Assign extra credit- due on Friday
Main Idea: what is the electromagnetic spectrum
Discussion: what is the speed of light/ is it constant/ what ist he doppler effect. what ist he EMS how are the types of light alike? How are they different? How does astronomy use each type
DEMO- different energies of light and doppler effect
Assessment: notes
Main Idea: How does astronomy use the Electromagnetic spectrum
Discussion: finish light notes
Assessment: collect wrk 3.4
assign wrk 3.5 The electromagnetic spectrum- due on Thursday
Main Idea: begin review for tools of astronomy?
Discussion: prepare for test over chapter 3
Assessment: collect wrk3.5
Main Idea: Show mastery over tools of astronomy
Discussion: test over chapter 3
Assessment: Test
collect extra credit
collect words of the week