Lesson Plans
Astronomy 1st Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/06/2014 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
Main Idea: What are the basic motions of the Earth?
Discussion: Start discussion of chapter 5- The Earth. go over basic motions, seasons and size, Discuss Coriolis effect, why different stars out each night, and mantel
Assessment: assign earth 1 wrk due on wednesday
Assign words for Earth Chapter -due pm Friday
Assign extra credit- due on Friday
Main Idea: What is the Earth's magnetic field
Discussion: discuss importance of magnetic field, age of Earth, and radiation
Assessment: notes
Main Idea: what is the age of the Earth
Discussion: discuss dating the Earth
Assessment: collect worksheet 5.1
Main Idea: What is the parts of the atmosphere
Discussion: discuss greenhouse effect, ozone layer, why is the sky blue,
Assessment: assign 5.2 due on Thursday
Main Idea: What is synchronous rotations
Discussion discuss barycenter and rotations of moon, also size of moon, and atmosphere
Assessment: collect 5.2 wrk
assign lunar watch- due at end of chapter
lunar wrk 6.1 - due on monday
collect extra credit
collect words