Lesson Plans
Astronomy 1st Q 17.18 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/04/2017 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
main idea: NO SCHOOL
discussion: spend time outside
assessment: enjoy the last breath of summer
main idea: General rules for school year
discussion: NO class- first meetings in Gym
assessment: Listen to Mr. Woelber
main idea: Introduce Class discuss rules
discussion: Go over syllabus/ class rules
Discuss google classroom
watch heaven above
assessment: Extra credit- due on Friday
GTKY sheet- due on Friday
Rules sheet- due on at end of class
main idea: How and why Astronomy started
discussion: Go over chapter 1- Who were the ancient astronomers
discuss beginning of time keeping
assessment: collect early sheets
Assign wrk 1- due on Friday
Assign words of the week- Due Next Friday
main idea: How was the calendar created
discussion: Finish chapter 1= discuss the creation of the calendar
Start notes on Chapter 2-Pioneers of Astronomy- discuss Thales, Pythagoras, and the flat Earth
assessment: notes
collect GTKY sheets
collect extra credit
collect extra credit
Assign wrk 2.1 due on Monday