Lesson Plans
Astronomy 1st Q 17.18 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/23/2017 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
main idea: How big is the Earth
discussion: juniors gone (1)
discuss size and shape of Earth go through until done with layers
assessment: collect worksheet 5.1
assign worksheet 5.2 due on tuesday
main idea: What is the age of the Earth
discussion: finish mangetosphere, go over age, and start atmosphere
assessment: collect worksheet 5.2
main idea: Why is the sky blue
discussion: finish notes on Planet Earth- discuss why the sky is blue
assessment: assign worksheet 5.3 -due on Thursday
main idea: Where is the Moon
discussion:discuss moon notes on basic motions. hit hard synchronous orbits and barycenters
assessment: assign lunar watch- due at end of chapter
assign words of the week- due NEXT friday
Assign lunar 1-due on Monday
main idea: What is the atmosphere of the moon
discussion:finish discussion of size and layers of moon. Discuss atmosphere and surface
assessment: collect extra credit.