Lesson Plans
Astronomy 1st Q 17.18 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/30/2017 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
main idea: What is the atmosphere of the moon
discussion: start discussion of size and layers of moon. Discuss atmosphere and surface
assessment: collect worksheet lunar 1
assign extra credit- due on Monday
Assign words for chapter 6- due on Friday
main idea: What are the spots on the Moon
discussion: discuss and name moon features
begin discussion of moon history
give out moon sheets to fill out
assessment: study spots
main idea: How were the craters on the moon formed
discussion: discuss dating the moon and the craters on the moon
assessment: oral quiz on moon places
Assign lunar wrk 6.2 due on Friday

main idea: What is we had no moon
discussion: Finish discussion of the history of the moon.
show video of earth without a moon
assessment: notes

main idea: Find more places on the moon
discussion: watch short video on why the moon is important
why are there phases
why are there eclipses
assessment: moon quiz 2 (10)
collect wrk 6.2
remind of lunar watch -due at end of chapter
collect extra credit
collect words for chapter