Lesson Plans
Astronomy 3rd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/27/2017 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
Discussion: How do we find stars discuss altitude and azimuth directions
discuss circumpolar stars
assign wrk 18.3 due on wednesday
quiz over stars
assign extra credit- due on Friday
assign words 18 part 2 -due on Friday
Discussion: Why are stars named the way they are
work on naming all hour
Assessment: Assign wrk 18.4 due on Thursday
Discussion: work on mastery over magnitude, speed, temperature and placement of stars
If time discuss asterisms and constellations
Assessment: quiz
collect wrk 18.3
Discussion: What is right ascension and declination
discuss how to find stars
Assessment: collect wrk 18.4
Discussion: cut out maps and handouts for stars
Assessment:collect words
quiz over constellations
collect extra credit
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