Lesson Plans
BOLT 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/07/2015 Instructor: James Blahnik Academics
No School
Sales calls to accounts

Assign: Update, redecorate, remerchandise BOLT display case by district office. (completion date: Friday, Sept. 11)

Project: SWOT Program - finish ranking items in each of (4) quadrants, add a single, speaking point for each item ranked (3 laptops reserved)
Sales calls to accounts

Project: SWOT Financials - finish entry and summarized view using provided template. Insert charts/graphs using recorded data to tell a story. (3 laptops reserved)
Intro: "The Executive Summary" - how to tell others a story based upon program data and financial analysis.
Assessment: 'Executive Summary' quiz

Project: Executive Summary write-up "BOLT with Prairie Smoke" (3 laptops reserved). - Due Date: Tuesday, September 15

DUE: Newly redecorated/remerchandised BOLT display case.