Lesson Plans
BOLT 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/14/2015 Instructor: James Blahnik Academics
Lecture: "The Executive Summary" - how to tell others a story based upon program data and financial analysis.
Quiz: 'Executive Summary'

DUE: Newly redecorated/remerchandised BOLT display case. (10 pts)

Write project executive summary: BOLT/Prairie Smoke (3 laptops reserved).
Write project executive summary and add together with previously completed SWOT and financial analysis documentation. - Entire Project (executive summary, SWOT, and financials) submitted as one complete document Due: Friday, September 18
Lecture: "Successful Steps of Selling" - Part 1
1. Presentation
2. Greeting & Rapport Building

Assign: worksheet
Due: project final - 'BOLT/PS'

Quiz: "Successful Steps of Selling" - Part I

Lecture: "Successful Steps of Selling" - Part II
3. Needs Assessment
4. Presentation
5. Features & Benefits

Assign: worksheet "Feature-Function-Benefit" Due: Monday, Sept. 21