Lesson Plans
BOLT 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/12/2015 Instructor: James Blahnik Academics
1. Debrief concerning calls to accounts from Friday, October 9
What were the objections?
Document and work to write statements that overcome these objections.
Flip chart paper & markers

2. Complete callbacks from Friday, October 9.

3. Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business

4. Video: Help My Business: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
1. Handout: Learning to Recognize Opportunity

2. Learning objectives:
a. Discuss current entrepreneurial trends
b. List ways to think creatively about opportunity
c. Identify sources of ideas and how to turn your own experiences into opportunities
d. Locate business opportunities
e. Compare and contrast buying a business and starting a business

3. Activity: Decision Starter

4. Assign: Critical Thinking Activity - DUE DATE: Monday, October 19
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