Lesson Plans
Band 9-12 2nd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/04/2010 Instructor: Brenda Derickson Academics
warm up in Foundations book p. 32
Play through Grease #6 is in cut time but if problems, switch to 4/4;work rhythms, if needed, at m.10; m. 36 is in 4, can work sections if they have trouble with rhythms (check highlighted areas in score)
#56 switches to cut time-may need to work #65 to get rhythm together
continue working through piece
Next play through Raiders of the Lost Ark (using same method of playing, stopping,fixing
warm up
Play through Prelude and Fugue in G Minor-conduct in a slow cut time (3 beats/measure) #2 and #4 sections may need some extra work. Piece goes into 4 at #6 Fugue
next work on Grease-continue working trouble spots and just trying to get through piece
Finally play through Schindler's List-help brass get entrances
warm up- concert F scale (have trumpets play low G scale)
Raiders of the Lost Ark-play through working rough areas and getting entrances
Grease-play all the way through, if possible, then starting at the end, work trouble areas
Schindler's List-play through, work trouble spots
warm up- concert Eb (3 part starting with row 4, then add row 3 on 3rd note and finally add 1st two rows on 5th note)
start with Schindlers List
Grease-work #149-help low brass get melody
play all the way through
Raiders of the Lost Ark-work woodwinds at 91-getting rhythms and notes
add low brass at 91 with woodwinds
105-work woodwinds getting notes and rhythms
106-work brass response
if time left, play Grease
warm up-any scale
play through all of the songs
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Schindlers List
Prelude and Fugue