Lesson Plans
Band 9-12 3rd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/07/2011 Instructor: Brenda Derickson Academics
warm up F major scale in 3rds
listen to recording of Salvation
play through Salvation is Created in a chordal style--very slow, listening to each chord
go over the rough spots in Gathering of the ranks-Lighten sound, clean articulation
Play through Gathering of the Ranks--record
Play through Salvation is Created
Listen to recording of Gathering of the Ranks
play through Gathering of the Ranks--working the rhythms and style
warm up
critique our performance of both pieces
Gathering of the Ranks-listen then play and record
Salvation is Created-listen, record
warm up
Salvation is Created-record
Gathering of the Ranks-record
warm up
listen to our recording
play Salvation is Created-record
listen to our recording
Gathering of the Ranks-record
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