Lesson Plans
Biology 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/08/2012 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Chapter 10 review/Begin chapter 11 on Recessive and Dominant Human Traits
Lesson: The first part of the class period will be spent playing a review game to reinforce the ideas of inheritance and genetics. The second half of class will be spent talking about simple inheritance of human traits in chapter 11. We will begin watching the Huntington's video.
Assignment: Study for chapter 10 test
Topic: Chapter 10 test on Genetics and Punnet Squares/ Complex inheritance patterns
Lesson: Students will complete the chapter 10 test. As they finish, they will work on the chapter 11 RAP sheet. When everyone is finished, we will talk about pedigrees and complete a pedigree practice sheet. We will then begin talking about complex inheritance patterns.
Assignment: Complete chapter 11 RAP sheet
Topic: Complex inheritance patterns/ Genes and chromosomes
Lesson: We will continue our discussion and powerpoint of complex inheritance patterns. We will also finish the Huntington's video
Assignment: Chapter 11 review wkst
Topic: Complete chapter 11 on chromosomes
Lesson: We will finish talking about chromosomes and what happens when chromosomes do not separate during meiosis.
Assignment: Complete the chapter 11 review wkst
Topic: Chapter 11 review and Human face lab
Lesson: We will spend part of the class period playing a review game to enforce the concepts of the chapter. The second half of class will be used to start an inheritance lab in which students partner and determine what genes will be passed to their offspring.
Assignment: Study for chapter 11 test/ Work on portfolio for next Tuesday