Lesson Plans
Biology 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/19/2013 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Introductions
Lesson: Go through class syllabus, rules, portfolio and get books. We will begin chapter 1 on characteristics of living things.
Assignment:Chapter 1 RAP sheet due Thursday
Topic: Nature of Science
Lesson: We will talk more about characteristics of living things, stressing homeostasis. Students will perform a lab to show how homeostasis is maintained in the human body when undergoing physical activity. (Bring gym shoes for jumping rope!)
Assignment: continue working on chapter 1 RAP sheet
Topic: Nature of Science
Lesson: We will finish up the characteristics of living things and students will do a foldable to show the 8 characteristics. We will being talking about the scientific method.
Assignment: finish foldable and turn in Thursday
Topic: Scientific method
Lesson: Students will work in small groups to "Chunk and chew" pages on the scientific method and share their information with the class. We will go through the powerpoint notes on the scientific method. We will go through the chapter 1 RAP sheet
Assignment: chapter 1 review wkst- Due Monday
Topic: Review of chapter 1
Lesson: We will spend part of the class period playing a review game over chapter 1 information. The second half of class will be used to work on the wkst and finish their foldable on characteristics of living things.
Assignment: finish the chapter 1 review wkst for Monday and study for test