Lesson Plans
Biology 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/29/2012 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Selective breeding/ Genetic technology
Lesson: Students will go through their chapter 12 test that they took last Friday. We will then finish watching the video on Fanconi Anemia and discuss the implications of genetic selection. We will start the powerpoint on chapter 13, discussing selective breeding. We will take the last 15 minutes of class to review meiosis by creating a Rebop marshmallow creature.
Standard: &
Assignment: Fanconi Anemia reaction paper
Topic: Genetic technology
Lesson: Portfolios due. We will continue with the chapter 13 notes on genetic technologies and how they work.
Assignment: Read section on gel electrophoresis and answer questions at the end of the section
Topic: Genetic tools
Lesson: Students will spend the first part of the class listening to a speaker from New Horizons. We will continue talking about genetic technologies and how they work, watching a video on how gel electrophoresis works. We will do a paper lab that allows students to see how restriction enzymes work to cut DNA in specific locations.
Assignment: Chapter 13 wkst
Topic: Genetic technology
Lesson: We will continue talking about genetic tools and "practice" gel electrophoresis by doing a paper lab that separates the sizes of DNA chunks.
Assignment: Work on chapter 13 wkst
Topic: The Human Genome
Lesson: We will finish the chapter by talking about the Human Genome project and its implications. Students will be introduced to the bioethics of genetic engineering by doing a case study on GM foods. They will receive a handout to read and prepare questions about the article to be discussed on Monday.
Assignment: Study for chapter 13 test/ finish wkst