Lesson Plans
Biology 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/12/2012 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Evidence for Evolution
Lesson: We will cover the segment of the powerpoint that lists the 5 categories that support the idea that species are not constant, but change over time. We will then talk about the 5 mechanisms that can cause it to happen. Remaining time will be spent working on their rat project.
Standard: & &
Assignment: Read pages 431-441 and take notes, finish portfolio for tomorrow.
Topic: Natural selection lab
Lesson: Portfolios due. Students will simulate how natural selection works on a population by competing for food in the "Sporks and Beans" lab. We will analyze the numerical data when we finish the lab to determine if natural selection played a role in survival.
Assignment: Work on the 14-15 wkst
Topic: Speciation
Lesson: We will finish the powerpoint on chapter 15 by covering the topic of speciation and patterns for evolution. We will fill out a concept map in class that links all the different topics
Assignment: Finish the chapter 14-15 review wkst
Topic: Review of chapter 14-15
Lesson: We will spend the class period reviewing the difficult concepts from these two chapters. If time permits, we may practice doing H-W equilibrium equations.
Assignment: Study for the chapter 14-15 test
Topic: Test on chapter 14-15/ Begin chapter 17
Lesson: Students will spend the first part of the class period taking a test over chapter 14-15. When everyone is done, they will take notes over chapter 17 on classification systems and taxonomy.
Assignment: Read the first section of chapter 18 on viruses.