Lesson Plans
Biology 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/14/2013 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Microscope lab
Lesson: Students will learn to use the most important tool to biologists- the microscope. If time permits, we will continue working on chapter 7 notes about cell types.
Assignment: Finish lab
Topic: Cell organelles
Lesson: Students will be going through a powerpoint about the different cell organelles and their functions.
Assignment: Work on cell parts wkst
Topic: Cell organelles
Lesson: We will continue working our way through cell parts and what they do. At the end of the class period, we will discuss the cell model project.
Assignment: Plan supplies for cell model project
Topic: Cell models
Lesson: Students will work with a partner to design a model of a cell that doesn't look like a cell. Their models should be of a system in which the different parts serve the same functions as the parts of the cell. They will also create a skit to explain their models.
Assignment: Work on typing paper of cell parts and what they do.
Topic: Cell models
Lesson: Students will finish up their models and skits, and if time permits, they will begin presentations.
Assignment: Finish cell parts wkst for Monday, work on portfolio