Lesson Plans
Biology 4th Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/22/2013 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Viruses
Lesson: Students will be learning about viral replication and how they differ from bacteria. We will begin a video on viral diseases. Students will culture bacteria from various sources.
Assignment: Work on chapter 18 review wkst

Topic: Review of bacteria and viruses
Lesson: We will spend the class period doing a brief review of the differences and structures of bacteria and viruses.
Assignment: Chapter 18 review wkst / Study for test
Topic: Bacteria/ viruses test
Lesson: Students will take a test over chapter 18. As they finish, they will read chapter 2 and take notes in preparation for Thursday's discussion of ecology.
Assignment: Read chapter 2 and take notes.
Topic: Ecology
Lesson: Students will be introduced to chapter 2 by comparing biotic and abiotic factors. We will talk about symbiotic relationships and give examples of each type.
Assignment: Chapter 2 review wkst
Topic: Ecology
Lesson: We will continue working through chapter 2, discussing energy transfers through the ecosystem and how energy is lost from one tropic level to the next.
Assignment: Chapter 2 review wkst