Lesson Plans
Biology Block 5 4th Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/07/2014 Instructor: Angela Larson Academics
Topic: Biotechnology Test
Lesson: Students will be testing over chapter 13 on biotechnology and the human genome project. When everyone is finished, we will begin chapter 14 on fossil evidence and how species change over time.
Assignment: Read section 14.2 for tomorrow
Topic: Biogenesis
Lesson: Students will learn about the previous idea of spontaneous generation and how it was replaced by the idea of biogenesis. We will introduce chapter 15 on natural selection by taking a pretest to determine student understanding of natural selection.
Assignment: Begin working on the chapter 14-15 review wkst
Topic: Charles Darwin
Standards: & & & & &
Lesson: We will be talking about Darwin's theory of natural selection and the different categories of adaptations. Students will create a rat with adaptations to a particular environment.
Assignment: Rat Island project
Topic: Evolution
Lesson: We will go through the five categories of evidence that support the idea that species are not constant, but change over time to fit their environment.
Assignment: Work on the chapter 14-15 review wkst
Topic: Mechanisms of Evolution
Lesson: We will be talking about the five categories of factors that can cause evolution to occur. Students will watch a video about natural selection.
Assignment: Work on the chapter 14-15 review wkst