Lesson Plans
Biology Concepts 1st Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/19/2016 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
-Identifying Parts of a Plant Cell pg. 46
-Examine onion cells off the internet
-On the Job Biology pg. 47; Cytotechnologist - worksheet #35 pg. 51
-Review ogs. 48-49 together
-Study Guide Chapter 3
-Vocabulary Bingo
-Chapter 3 test
-Lab activity #23
-Scientific Method #13- use internet and do together
-Video: Inside the Living Cells: How Cells Obtain Energy
-Video: Cell Flow and Energy
-Notes for Chapter 4: Cells and Energy
-Read pgs. 51-53- notes
-Video: What is Diffusion? Jeremy LeCormu
-Video: Diffusion-Khan Academy
-Exercise 14 pg. 14
-Video: Diffusion and Osmosis/Membranes and Transports- Khan Academy
-Read pgs. 54-55 - notes
-Worksheet #39 pg. 56
-Questions pg. 57
-Read pgs. 57-58
-Exercise 40 pg. 57
-Questions pg.59
-Photosynthesis and Life
-Exercise #38 pg. 55
-Exercise 16 pg.16
-Lab Activity pg. 60
-Biology in your Life: Counting Calories
-Chapter Review pgs. 62-63