Lesson Plans
Biology Concepts 1st Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/10/2016 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Video: What is DNA and How Does it Work?-Stated clearly
Read pg. 73-notes Chapter 5
Activity 52 pg. 70
Practice the Make-up of DNA
DNA activity
video: From DNA to Protein- your genome
video: Transcription/Translation -microbotic
Read pg. 74-Chapter 5 notes
Exercise 19 pg. 19
Read pgs. 74-76 Chapter 5 notes
questions pg. 76
Activity 55 pg. 73
Pedigrees and Human Genetic Disorders
Read pg. 77
Activity 56 pg. 74
Mutations: Changes in Genes
Read pg. 78
Exercise 20 pg 20
Using Genetics
Read pg. 79
video: Gregor Mendel's Punnett Squares
Genetic Engineering
Read pgs. 80-82
Exercise 21 pg. 21
Questions pg. 83
Activity 51 pg. 69
Activity 54 pg. 72
video: The Human Genome Project,3D animation
Great Moments in Biology- Read pg. 83
On the Job Biology-Rose Breeder
Read pg. 85
Activity 57 pg. 75
Exercise 48 pg. 66
Summary Worksheet pg. 86
Review pgs. 86-87
Study Guide Chapter 5
vocabulary bingo
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