Lesson Plans
Biology Concepts 1st Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/31/2016 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
-Energy Flows Through an Ecosystem
-video: Food Chains: Food Web, the Circle of Life, Flow of Energy- freeschool
-Read pgs. 332-333 and notes
-Bullying speaker at 10:30l
-Exercise #215 pg. 258
-Questions pg. 333
-Changes in Populations
-video: Population Ecology- Bozeman Science
-Read pg. 334 and notes
-Exercise #78 pg. 78
-Exercise #80 pg. 80
-Activity #213 pg. 256
-video: Ecological Succession - Bozeman Science
-Read pg. 335 and notes
-Humans can Change Ecosystems
-Read pg. 336 and notes
-Activity #214 pg. 257
-The Major Land Biomes
-Read pg. 337 and notes
-video: Introduction to Biomes-frank Gregorio
-video: Biomes of the World-einygarcia63
-video: Biomes of the World- free School
-Read pgs. 338-339 and notes
-Land biomes and Climate
=Read pgs. 340-341 and notes
-Exercise #77 pg. 77
-Activity #209 pg. 252
-Activity #212 pg. 255
-On the Job Biology
-Read pg. 343 and questions pg. 343
-Activity #217 and 261
-Summary pg. 344
-vocabulary Review pg. 344 and Chapter Quiz pg. 345 with a partner
-Possible Lab Activity pg. 342