Lesson Plans
Brugman Kindergarten 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/21/2009 Instructor: Melissa Brugman Academics
Math-Sorting by More than one Attribute, Worksheet 17-18
Centers-Whole Week-ABC Go Fish, Apple Sort/Count, ABC Clothespin Match, Listening,
Puzzle (Students do one center per day)
Reading-Author/Illustrator, Story Head to Toe,
Writing-Predictable Chart-"I Can____"
Phonics--Chart-Can You?, Letter Naming Ee, Ee Names, find Ee's in room
Word Work-Ee Art-Elbow Painting
Themes-Apples-Ten on Top
Math-Use Logical Reasoning-Sorting Rules, Worksheet 19-20
Reading-Poem-The Little Robot, Reread Head to Toe, show actions
Writing-handwriting--lines and circles
Phonics-Chart-do actions, list animals, Letter Naming Pp, Pp names, p's in room, Worksheet 7-8
Word Work-Pp art-Popcorn Painting
Themes-Apple Tree in Season, little book
Math-Chapter 1 Review and Practice Test
Reading-Recall Head to Toe, Draw Favorite Animal, Compare and contrast
Writing--Draw and Label a Picture, Predictable Chart, read sentences
Phonics-Chart-Rhyming words, Letter Naming Vv, V Names, V's in room
Word Work-Vv Art-Valentines
Themes-Read Apple Pie Tree, Life Cycle Project

Math-Chapter 1 Test
Reading-Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, Phonics Reader "The Hat"
Phonics-Rhyming, Letter Naming Cc
Word Work-Cc Art-Cottonballs
Themes-From Tree to Market, What do we get from apples

Math-Chapter 2 Story, As Many, More, Fewer, Worksheet 27-28\
Reading-Sweet Porridge, act out
Writing-Shared Writing--Write about an animal
Phonics-Rhyming, reveiw E,P, V, C, Name that Sound, Worksheet 13-14
Word Work-Predictable Chart Pages
Themes-Apple Tasting Party