Lesson Plans
Brugman Kindergarten 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/28/2009 Instructor: Melissa Brugman Academics
Math--2.2 Real Graphs, columns and rows, wkst 29-30
Centers-All week-Miss Brugman-testing, word work-rhyming puzzles, ABC-letter puzzles, Art, Writing-Names and letters on whiteboards
Reading-Guess the Sound, Read Mice Squeak, We Speak, vocab dogs, pigs, horses, cats, mice
Phonics-Chart-I Spy Someone, Letter Naming Ii, Letter Match,
Writing-sentences about the story
Words-Ii art-ice cube painting, label room
Themes-Brainstorm about scarecrows, read "The Lonely Scarecrow"

Math-2.3 Picture Graphs, using pictures on a graph (Boys and girls, food and toys), wkst 31-32
Reading-OL-Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rainbow sheep book, Recall/reread Mice Squeak, make favorite animal sound
Phonics-Chart-sing along, Letter Naming Oo, Letter Hunt
Writing-Handwriting lines and circles
Words-Oo Art-Orange O's
Themes-Read "The Little Scarecrow Boy", color "My Scarecrow Color Book"
Math-2.4 Bar Graphs, What do you like? Counter flip or secret bag, Wkst 33-34
Reading-OL-Use Number words, Reread Mice Squeak, make animal masks
Phonics-Chart-rhyming words, Letter Naming Qq, Rhyming words, wkst 16-17
Writing-Draw and Label
Words-Qq art-Wallpaper Quilts
Themes-Read Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch with Mrs. Pabst's class, dictate ending to the story, make scarecrow

Math-2.5 Sound and movement patterns, what comes next? wkst 35-36
Reading-Recall Head to Toe, Chook Chook, Kindergarten Reader "The Cat"
Phonics-Rhyming Words, Letter Naming Kk, wkbk 18-19
Words-Kk art-Kites
Themes-Finish scarecrows and Stories
Math-2.6 Color Patterns, what's next? Wkst 37-38
Reading-The Star Coins
Phonics-Letter Naming Zz, Review I, O, Q, K, Z, Syllables
Words-Zz art-Zigzags
Themes-Homecoming Parade/Pepfest Westbrook