Lesson Plans
CAD A 3rd Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/24/2005 Instructor: Bill Fredin Academics
The students will draft on paper today. This might be the last day of drafting on paper, because they all seem to catch on to the drafting easily.
We will go to the computers and explain some of the commands that they will be using on the computers. We will see how many computers need to have the Intellicadd 2000 program installed.
No class because of the Mixed Blood Theatre performance.
The students will get to use the computers today. I will give them a demonstration on how to make their border for their drawings and then let them try to make a border on their computer.
The students will be trying to make their borders yet today. We are still trying to get all of the computers up and running. They will have to save their drawings on a floppy disk in order to save room on the hard drives. I will show the students how to save their drawings.