Lesson Plans
CAD A 3rd Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/31/2005 Instructor: Bill Fredin Academics
I will give a demonstration on how to draw the multi-view drawings on the computer. Then the students will draw Problem #33 on their computer. The instructor will have to help the students get started and understand the program that they are working on.
There is one computer for each student and the first couple of days the problem is troubleshooting the problems with the computers. Hopefully I will have all of the problems worked out by today.
The students will all be working on their drawings. There are about 20 different drawings that the students have to do. Each one is a little more difficult than the one before it. They will work at their own pace and finish them. The instructor will work a lot of one on one with the students and show them the various commands and procedures that they have to go through in order to finish all of the drawings.
The students will be working on their drawings. They all seem to be understanding the computer, so I wiil show them how to do an isometric drawing which they will have to add to each drawing.
The students are working on their drawings.