Lesson Plans
Chemistry 3rd Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/18/2016 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
main idea: NO SCHOOL
discussion: teacher workshop
assessment: put a puzzle together
main idea: What is an atom
discussion: hand back tests
start chapter 4 go over slides 1-21
assign extra credit- element names
assign extra credit- due on Friday
assign worksheet 4.1 - due on Wednesday
main idea: What is an isotope
discussion: review chapter 4 on parts of an atom
discuss chapter 24- radioactivity
collect and correct extra credit- elements
correct 4.1 in class
assign wrk 4.2- due on Thursday
quiz over elements
main idea: What does radioactive mean
discussion: continue discussion of radiation- how to calculate half-life
assessment: collect and correct wrk 4.2
quiz #2 on element
main idea: What are the types of radiation
discussion: Start with CNN video , discuss ionizing and non-ionizing radiation/ effects of radiation,discuss alpha, beta and gamma radiation. NOTES ON SLIDES 52-73.
assessment: quiz #3- elements
collect extra credit
collect WoW
Assign page 894 # 35,38,39,41,55,56,57EC - due on Monday