Lesson Plans
Chemistry 3rd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/13/2017 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
Discussion: No class
2 hour late start
Assessment: none
Discussion: Teacher gone
hand back tests
lots of board work on writing formulas
What are polyatomic ions
continue writing formulas with transition metals and polyatomic ions
Assessment: collect and correct wrk 7.1
Assign wrk 7a.2- due on Wednesday
Assign extra credit- due on Friday
Discussion: Review ionic naming
if time start lab
collect and correct worksheet 7.2
Discussion: lab over naming compounds
Assessment: conduct and collect lab
Discussion: MCA test 1 junior
discuss molecular names and formulas
discuss acid names and formulas
DEMO with acids with HNO3 and Coppere
Assessment: acid and general naming worksheet- due on monday
collect extra credit
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