Lesson Plans
Chemistry Block 6 2nd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/25/2010 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
Main Idea: How does the atomic structure of a metal affect its properties ?2. What is a metallic bond, and how does it differ from a compound?
Discusion: Conduct metallic bond lab on both pennies and bobby pins

Assessment: Collect metallic bond labs. Assign rest of metallic labs due Tuesday
Assign extra credit
Main Idea: 1. How does the idea of atomic structure affect a compounds properties.

Discusion: SPEAKER AT 1:30
Finish metallic bond labs.
Review all types of bonds (ionic, nonpolar, polar, network, and metallic) and their properties for a test tomorrow.

Assessment: collect metallic labs
oral review for test tomorrow
Main Idea: 1. Show mastery of chapters 7 and 8
2. What is the kinetic theory and how does it relate to energy?
Discusion: Take Test. After 1 hour, Start notes on temperature and pressure.IF TIME ALLOWS: Start chapter 12- solid liquid or gas unit. Notes over kinetic theory and energy.
Discuss how to read a science book.
Test over chapters 7 and 8
READ pages 402-410. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING in 2 or 3 sentences only. What is a gas and WHY does it act like it does.
Main Idea: 1. How are the movement of molecules related to the state of the chemical. 2.What are the forces that hold molecules together?
Discusion: Discuss the three intermolecular forces.
Assessment: READ pages 411-414 Answer 1. How mass, # of electrons, and dispersion forces affect state. 2. Why is H2O a liquid?
Main Idea: What are the properties of a liquid and how do intermolecular forces examples them?
Discusion: Section 12.3
Assessment: Collect extra credit.
ASSIGN worksheet 1