Lesson Plans
Choir 1st Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/11/2006 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
News: Well we have settled in at 89 members. Last week we did a lot of breathing work, some production of tone, sang a number of rounds and did some improvisational singing with folksongs. We began singing in solfege (do-re-mi) So far we sound pretty good! We came to a consensus on how our choir will work and what the responsibilities of the members and the director are. We did a very complete review of how the class is run procedurally; so far everyone is cooperating very well. We also handed out job assignments as students volunteered. On Thursday we began voice testing and hope to complete it early this week. Again, by the end of the week our hope is to have our new website up and running. At that site you can check out our grading system, syllabuses for the quarter, and maybe we'll get proficient enough to have some pictures! WOW, technology! After all, we have a choir photographer in our midst! The first three grades were published online for you to peruse. On our 'survey' some students didn't get the directions quite right, so we'll figure out something else for them to do!

Announcements: Special Groups will audition towards the end of the month. This year we will be doing fundraising, so be watching for exciting opportunities to make money for our next choir/band trip!!!
Music Being Prepared for Festival:
1. Buffalo Gals
2. Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Haydn)
3. Sally Gardens (folksong)
4. Who Are the Brave (boys' selection)
5. Cantate Domino (girls' selection)
6. Rhythm of Life
All of these pieces will be in the beginning stages of learning
Music Reading Skills:
Yet this week we'll concentrate on the key of C, before we do other keys appropriate for the older students. Exercises, and easy songs will be the focus.
Voice Skills:
We never let up on breathing. Can't sing well unless you breathe well. Deep, full breaths that are controlled by the abdominal muscles. We'll stress opening the mouth, adding sound to the breath, the concept of long tall vowels, and creating space inside 'head' We will continue to sing rounds and folksongs to practice these concepts.
Listening Skills
Song Analysis Skills

We have not arrived at a point for doing these yet.
Team Building
We'll likely fill out the opening pages of our portfolios later this week, and the students will do the basic theory sheets. Team building will happen as we get situated by Wednesday in our new seating and singing sections. Seniors will assist in helping students identify with their sections and get to know each other better through some additional activities. We will also review opportunities for more singing beyond choir and how points and medals are earned.