Lesson Plans
Choir 1st Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/10/2007 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
We are ready to get into the music and learning. As of today we will seat 82 singers: 34 boys and 48 girls. We have a nice balance between the classes as well: 16 seniors, 21 juniors, 20 sophomores, and 24 freshmen. Announcements:Our first big project is the October festival on October 16th. We have added another school to our group: Murray County Central will join us for the first time.
Music: We will begin "Ain'a That Good News", (an African American Spiritual)thr "A Jubilant Song", and "To Music" by Schubertt
Voice Skills:
We will be exploring posture, body alignment, breathing, breath flow to sound flow, and basic vowel production.
Reading Skills:
We will spend time working with do-re-mi reading and getting comfortable once again with the beginning keys for music reading, as well as some rhythm patterns.
Listening Skills:
Not too much in this area as of yet this week.
Analysis Skills:
We will be examining our first three numbers this week by looking at structure, rhythms, harmony and melody patterns, text, and expressive elements. s