Lesson Plans
Choir 1st Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/01/2007 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: This is the final push on our Avon sales. If we do well then our spring trip becomes more of a reality. Otherwise, the money raising hurdle will be too high to overcome in the time remaining. Orders are due on Friday. The festival is 11 rehearsals away. Special Groups are going to be up and running this week. Vocal Jazz is Monday mornings at 7:30, Choralaires meet Wednesdays at 7:30, and Boys' 50's on Thursdays.
Voice Skills: We are working on what I call the magnificent seven: focusing now on opening the mouth and vowel shapes for good choral singing. We continue our work on posture and breathing/breath energy.

Listening Skills: This week they are comprised of listening critically to ourselves and analyzing differences we feel and hear in our singing and the choir sections' sound.
Music Reading Skills: We have laid the groundwork for the key of C and reviewed solfege (do-re-mi) and note names. We are working on 4 part sightsinging in that key now. We will add the key of G and more rhythm reading this week.
Music Analysis Skills: We are looking (with overheads) at the rhythmic complexity and interpretive markings of our spiritual, and will study the form and variations used with Battle Hymn of the Republic this week. Girls' number Ash Grove is also a good study in variation and use of key changes.
Music: We are making good progress on our more difficult selections. Battle Hymn will be finished notes/rhythms by week's end, as will "Ain-a That Good News" The boys and girls will practice separately one day each this week and we'll work on their respective pieces as well.