Lesson Plans
Choir 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/15/2008 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: Choir is definitely underway!! We have an outstanding group of young people - I can tell already! We have a very balanced group age-wise, and by sections we're evenly divided as well. We have gotten a good start on our Festival music, voice skills, and have been trying some new things with rhythms and melody reading skills. We will be doing auditions for Vocal Jazz this week in order to start that group next week. We will do some activities to get our sections "in tune" with each other, and possibly even get our portfolios up and going. It takes a while to lay all the groundwork for 78 people!
Voice Skills: We are working alignment, breathing, (proper inhalation and exhalation techniques for singers) breath flow to sound flow and relaxing the throat,neck, tongue, and creating a concept of tone for the singers. We've been singing rounds to practice the concepts.
Reading Skills: We've been taking it slowly in this area with intervals and scale singing, listening. We are doing rhythm activities that are multi-tasking in style; and getting some basic concepts very firmly in place before we move into actual reading.
Music Analysis: We are looking carefully at three styles of pieces right now: Classical, Folksong, and Gospel/Spiritual. We'll be examining the structure, key, elements and musical signs within each.
Repertoire: We are singing "Gloria" by Haydn "Lonesome Dove" a folksong, and "Shine On Me" a spiritual. We take each piece a bit at a time and try to include phrasing, diction, text meanings for emotional content, good tone, accurate breath,and dynamics as we go along.