Lesson Plans
Choir 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/22/2008 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: We had a good turnout for Vocal Jazz auditions. 19 students will be in this ensemble. This week any and all students interested in Boys' 50's or Choralaires can start stopping by for voice placement and interest verification. We look forward to a lot of participation in these two groups as well. Last week was sort of hit and miss with NWEA testing, ASVAB testing and Greenhand Day. This week should be more "normal"! We are going to try something new with small groups within each section: they will work as teams on different projects this quarter. For example their first assignment will be to come up with an identity for their group: color or name or clothing trademark. Another assignment is going to be to choose a popular song that they will analyze and prepare for presentation to the class and Mrs. Knott over the next few months. A third assignment will be for each person in the group to be a fact finder about an aspect of a song we are learning. For example, for "Lonesome Dove",(an Appalachian folksong) the particular question one group might find facts about would be the location, size, type etc. of the Appalachian Mountains, while another group might look for some facts about folk songs. Then the entire choir's information will come together as background to this piece we are studying. This will be a new experiment. Stay tuned to see how things go for us. We are very fortunate to have the maturity that 20 seniors bring to the choir. Got to hone their leadership skills!!
Music Reading Skills: As previously mentioned I am going a different route this year regarding reading. I'm using a method that starts with listening and rote work. We do a lot of multi tasking: singing do-re-mi at the same time as keeping the beat, doing beat subdivisions, echo singing, singing scales, thinking about intervals. This week we will start reading what we have been practicing thus far.
Voice Skills: Alignment and stance on three points, and head floating above spine. Proper breathing and posture are constant themes. We have been working on "breath flow to sound flow", keeping the throat open,singing with energy and connection from body to voice. We have been practicing getting the jaw down to improve the overall tone and placing the sound 'into the face' to get the tone forward.We constantly strive to sing without tension. We will continue to practice these items this week
Music Analysis Skills: We hope to get our portfolios started this week. As stated above we will delve into the folksong for analyis, and possibly start an analysis worksheet on our Haydn piece.
Repertoire: We will start "Shine On Me" a gospel piece, the girls' selection "Stars I Shall Find" and the boys "Swingin' with the Saints" Our other two are getting well in hand; With them we are working phrasing and dynamics and other musical aspects.