Lesson Plans
Choir 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/06/2008 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: We now have a slate of 16 singers for Boys' 50's and 21 singers for Choralaires, as well as the previous 21 for Vocal Jazz. So all the special groups will meet this week. This is the last full week before our Festival on October 14! We'll go over expectations and schedule for the event on Wed.
Effort Goals this week: Walk in and make music, make a commitment to be great.
Small Group tasks this week: Have to get in fact finds about the Appalachian song we're preparing. Need to convene and decide on popular song and group they will present. Create an improvised harmony part for short fun song choir is practicing
Singing Skills: Concepts: freedom from tension, whole body support and alignment, the functions of the larynx, the muscles involved in inhalation and exhalation, energizing for breath -to -voice connected sound, and continue register discovery.
We will continue to work with vowels, tuning of chords and intervals, and the consonant 't' this week.
Music Reading Skills: we have been doing conducting, reading patterns in various keys, multi-tasking: rhythms (and reading basic rhythms) and also singing patterns while keeping beat and subdividing beat.
Music Analysis SKills: AS mentioned above we need to share our fact finds on Lonesome Dove, on Friday we'll do an easy analysis sheet of the Haydn piece, take a look at the style of Saints.
Listening SKills: This is a very attentive group and we've had some good success with sections listening and evaluating other sections as they hear progress and improvement.
Repertoire: Goals: Give best singing all the time, make text mean something, and no flat line singing; always forward motion in notes and phrases. Our girls' and boys' pieces need to come together this week. The other three are being more finely tuned with diction, register shifts, dynamics and phrasing.