Lesson Plans
Choir 2nd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/02/2006 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
No school
New concert season to begin!
Solo/Ensemble contest is about a month earlier this year so we will begin voice lessons in January. Students will fill out an interest survey.
Everyone had a very good time at the "InPulse" workshop on December 15. Students learned more about an acapella men's group and got to take part some as well as listen to a short performance. 7 students returned the 17th for a master class.
With the end of the quarter coming we will concentrate on sightreading and some music theory to ready ourselves for our singing tests.
We were very pleased with our Christmas concert. Thank you for attending.
On our agenda for January: first up is the Dorian Festival at Luther College. 5 students are attending.
On January 21, the Boys' 50's will go to the Barbershop Clinic in Jackson.
We listened to a recording of ourselves and wrote up evaluations. This week we'll listen to a recording of us from October and compare it to the Christmas concert: how far have we come? where do we need to go?
Theory and Sightreading:
Freshmen and sophomores are continuing in the key of C
Juniors are working in the keys of G and F
Seniors are in the keys of D and Bb
We'll spend a fair amount of time on sightsinging every day
Students will need to complete a two sided paper
Voice Skills:
Primarily we will review the concepts we worked the first 5 weeks of this quarter to prepare for small group voice skills tests
We will finalize our choices for the Pops Concert
We will also be trying out various choices for contest