Lesson Plans
Choir 2nd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/09/2006 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: Mrs. Knott, David Schulz, Brian Theisen, Paul Rupp, Abigail Knott, and Luke Nelson are attending the Dorian Festival today at Luther College.
The Boys' 50's will be attending the Barbershop Festival in Jackson on January 21
Students interested in voice lessons will have the opportunity to start this month. Solo and ensemble contest is earlier this year so we need to get lessons going earlier as well.
7:30 A..M. rehearsals this week: Choralaires will be Wednesday, Boys' 50's Thursday, and Vocal Jazz will be Friday (Polka Band members have rehearsal that day as well)
End of the quarter is coming up. Students are responsible to have packets completed. We will have small group voice skills tests on January 18,19.
Literature: Pops Concert material: "How Sweet It Is" and "ABC"
as well as one more piece.
Contest music: one spiritual, one piece by Handel, and a contemporary song called "This Day"
We are learning notes and rhythms on all
Theory and Sightreading Skills:
Seniors are working with major and minor keys C/a, G/e, F/d
Juniors are working with chromatic alterations
Freshmen and Sophomores continue with the key of C
We are back singing a lot of rounds, folk songs
Voice Skills:
We continue our emphasis on vocal registers, and the consequent breath energy required to support them. Also continue work on resonation and singing on the breath.
Listening Skills:
We did a compare and contrast of ourselves and were pleased with the improvement since October. We will do some listening of college choirs in the next week or so.