Lesson Plans
Choir 2nd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/13/2006 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements and News: It's the second week of the quarter already! We completed voice skills testing and continue to work on our portfolios. Those papers (theory, song analysis, listening analysis among others) will be added to this quarter's point tallies.
The choir and band are planning a trip for the spring of 2008. Each performing group will need to have money in their accounts that will be pooled along with the Music Boosters' fund. Conservatively speaking the choir will need to have $10,000 to contribute to this pooled fund. Right now we have $2,000. We do not do individual accounts because of the turnover rate within the two performing groups. However, I do keep track of the amounts separate students raise for us to create some accountability and responsibility. At any rate, we will be starting our first formal fundraiser this Wednesday. Over the years we have sold frozen cookie dough at Thanksgiving a number of times. If the students put forth some effort, it should be a good money maker for us.

Music: We started on the "Hallelujah Chorus". We continue to work on "Jazz Gloria", and "As Lately We Watched". The only piece left to begin is "Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head", so that will be on the docket for Monday. A number of these pieces are a capella, which coincides with one of the goals we established for ourselves this quarter: improve singing "in - tune". Our other goal is to get more breath energy into our singing.
Voice Skills: In quarter two we turn our attention to resonance, and emphasize listening to improve in-tune singing. The other skill we spend time on is 'attacks and releases' (coming in on time in other words. We will continue to review the Magnificent 7: posture, breath energy, opening mouth, shaping vowels,creating an inner smile, getting the sound 'up and over' and sending the sound forward.
Theory Skills (music reading)We will spend more time on reading rhythms, and reading chromatic passages (music with sharps and flats)and practice singing intervals. Level One continues with C major,Level Two continues with C and G major, again with sharps/flats. In Level Three we will emphasize the minor key relationships to the major keys they've been learning. We will also do more part singing as we sightread music.
Music Analysis: most of this will be in an introductory form as we examine the pieces we are currently learning.