Lesson Plans
Choir 2nd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/15/2007 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Busy week ahead. First item of business is to wrap up the quarter. Monday and Tuesday will be set aside specifically for small group voice skills tests. Girls will test on Monday, boys on Tuesday. At the end of class on Wednesday and Thursday we will finish up. We've got our music for Pops concert chosen, and we are reaching agreement on our contest music. Special groups will meet as scheduled all week, and we will do surveys regarding solos and ensembles. It really helps to organize groups and begin with soloists right now in January. We've been doing a special activity listening to sections of the choir and arranging them for the best balance and blend. The advisory group chose a piece for contest that requires more parts in each section so we will likely have to re-do this project!!
Music: For Pops concert we have chosen a Beatles number, a John Denver selection, a Broadway song from "Rent", and a standard called
"Rhythm of Life". Contest is 11 weeks away, but we are going to set a lot of goals and work very diligently in pursuit of a superior rating this year. The committee settled for certain on one piece: "If Music Be the Food of Love", and should arrive at a decision on the second one. Right now they are leaning towards "Loch Lomond", an unaccompanied Irish folksong.
Voice Skills: All this week we will continue to strive towards understanding and accomplishing "blend", "resonance", good "intonation", and "attacks and releases". Students should be able to verbalize the skills necessary to create these necessary ingredients for a good choir sound.

Theory Skills and Reading: The students will be doing their small group voice skills tests, reading notes and hopefully demonstrating proficiency in the above voice skills!

Listening Skills: KDOM radio was very helpful by sending us a copy of our recording session with them. Its a tremendous learning experience as we listen and analyze what we hear. The activity mentioned above, where we listen to each section of the choir and arrange and coach them to sing more for blend was another great learning experience. We will do more of that this week to prepare for new seating.