Lesson Plans
Choir 2nd Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/03/2008 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics

Announcements: Last week was devoted to voice skills and music reading testing and finishing up analysis papers of two choral pieces. The student groups were also making preliminary plans for their presentations to the choir. Each group will choose a popular piece for a ten minute presentation next quarter. They will analyze the instrumentation, melody, harmony, music composing process,lyrics, form and style of the piece they present. This will be a different way for the students to achieve a couple of the national standards; plus it should be an entertaining and enlightening adventure for all of us (especially the teacher) This week we will take a written test on Tuesday, give a lot of attention to a joint piece we will be performing with the high school band for Veteran's Day, and get going with a lot of energy on our Christmas selections. The students opted to do the Hallelujah Chorus with the open invitation to area church choirs and singers to join us again!
Voice Skills: We will be exploring the functions and capabilities of the larynx this quarter. We will continue to find the balance in our voices between too breathy and too 'pressed' too nasal or too 'swallowed'. Our overriding goal is always to sing freely, with healthy tone that is well supported by breath energy, with natural sound that extends the range. We will keep adding more concepts as the quarter progresses
Reading Skills: I was very gratified by the results of the reading and musicianship portions of last week's tests. As stated at the beginning of the quarter I am trying some different approaches that strive to enhance individual abilities. We focused more deeply on less material. We went much slower but the students seemed to feel very confident. Now we will go to more complicated rhythms and add a couple more syllables to our reading. We will still practice multi tasking (doing rhythms, syllables, body percussion; mixing and doing simultaneously)
Analysis Skills of Repertoire: We will be examining structure and harmony styles in The First Noel. We will talk about Baroque melodic patterns in The Hallelujah Chorus. Jingle Bells is a good study in rhythmic variation. Tiny Baby lends itself to stylistic interpretation and how to approach it as a singer.
Listening Skills: Hoping the DVD from the festival will come this week. We haven't recorded ourselves yet this year. Might not hurt to do it this week.