Lesson Plans
Choir 3rd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/05/2007 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: We had a very productive week last week. The choir was exceptionally attentive and worked hard to meet our goals. Now the "Pops Concert" is just six rehearsals away! Pie, ice cream and music are on the agenda for next Monday night, starting at 7:30 in the gymnasium. The choir will perform four numbers and the special groups will each present one. In other news, soloists and students interested in duets and ensembles are getting underway this week. We also are getting a modest start on our contest pieces.
Music: We need to get everything completely memorized this week and put finishing touches on our songs. We've got most of the major components of each piece ready, now repetition to memorize with the goal of singing with expression will be our main objectives.
Music Analysis: We will be looking closely at one of our contest pieces this week. Written in a romantic style, it is carefully marked for dynamics, breathing and interpretation. We'll look at the harmony structure, form, and phrasing inside of it, as well as the wonderful matching of text to melody
Voice Skills: As stated last week, our goal this quarter is broader: singing a phrase well. A skill that needs a lot of work yet is to achieve a good crescendo and get some contrast in our dynamics. The basses and baritones have met the goal but the other three sections have not, and its essential to achieving good choral sound.
Listening Skills: Hopefully, we can get our pops concert recorded and be able to listen and analyze our performance next week.