Lesson Plans
Choir 3rd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/19/2007 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements:What a busy week this will be! Solo/Ensemble contest is 8 weeks away and we are officially ready to roll! 21 students are getting started on their solos, 16 students are doing duets, we have two boys' ensembles, three girls'ensembles, and at this time one mixed ensemble underway. A tentative rehearsal schedule will be reviewed this week. Hopefully everyone who stated an interest will be involved! In other news, FFA state choir hopefuls will need to get their auditions taken care of on Wednesday of this week.
Music: Our two contest pieces are getting very careful attention from us. We are working these in a "wholistic" style. This means we take small portions at a time and work every aspect of it as we go. For example, as we sing a particular phrase we aim for accuracy in the rhythms,pitches, the diction, the tone, the dynamics, the emotions (feel) of it. We listen to each other, learn other sections' notes and combine the parts in different ways. Every time we repeat something we aim to improve some aspect of it. The students are invited to listen and suggest ideas and ways to experiment and vary the singing of a particular phrase. They listen to each other and suggest ways to improve as well.
Theory/Sightreading: At this time we are looking at the keys and chromatic changes in the music as well as reading other parts.
Music Analysis: With this style of music learning we are constantly discussing and analyzing the structure and content of the music
Listening Analysis: We hope to record ourselves on Friday. We will sing the portions of our two songs that we have learned thus far.