Lesson Plans
Choir 3rd Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/10/2008 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: Final week of preparations for large group contest. It will be held at Red Rock Central High School in Lamberton on March 18th. We enjoyed our clinician from SMSU, and last week we did some recording and analyis of ourselves. We will continue recording Monday through Wednesday of this week.However, we will do choir sections individually and then do an analyis of each. By Thursday we will be performing on risers to get final touches and performance ready. We are very much in full swing with solo and ensemble preparations. About 40 students are involved in either a solo, duet, ensemble, or Vocal Jazz, Choralaires, or Boys' 50's. Attendance is extremely important at all these rehearsals because goals need to be reached every week. We will be having adult accompanists coming a couple days each week to assist during choir period, so students need to do practicing on their own so that the adults' time is not wasted or taken for granted. That contest date is April 14th. 
Music: Needs to be memorized. We will be going over everything with a fine tooth comb.Listening, emotional involvement and the resulting dynamic contrast are the two areas we will be emphasizing. The music for our next concert will be distributed this week as well. Feels like we are careening at 80 mph towards the end of the year!

Music Analysis: When we attend contest we will be able to hear another choir or two. We will complete listening analysis sheets at that time, so what we are doing with ourselves is good practice!! We listen for notes, rhythms, breath energy, vowels, being in tune, words, entrances and releases, interesting phrases, effective dynamics, and emotional feeling for the piece.e
Music Reading: Depending upon how the week goes, we may get a chance to look at one or two of our spring selections. We will be doing a piece by Bach, ("Praise Ye the Lord"), a spiritual ("Wade in the Water"), a patriotic piece (new arrangement of "America, the Beautiful"), a love song (Red, Red Rose), and a Mrs. Knott favorite ("The Happy Wanderer") a
Voice Skills / Choral Skills: We've been emphasizing resonance, phrasing, entrances and releases, singing on the breath, dynamic contrast.e