Lesson Plans
Choir 3rd Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/16/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: The big contest day is tommorrow. We will be traveling to Pipestone for both band and choir performances. The band is at the high school and the choir performs at First Lutheran Church. The students have worked hard. They'll need to do their very best in performance. The rest of the week we'll begin the music for our next concert: Spring. The solos and ensembles are very busy already. We are going to attend the contest held in Jackson. It will be held the first Saturday in May. We have an unprecedented number of students involved at this time (50)and events (37). They will have to put in the time and practice to bring their event to a successful outcome however! Many students will start going out during choir to rehearse this week. With the end of the quarter upon us, students desiring makeup work will need to get it done this week. Much of the choir grade is dependent on effort during attendance. If students have missed more than a few rehearsals and they want a chance to "fill in those gaps" there are options available to them.
Singing Skills: We will spend the next quarter striving yet to better our tone quality. There is a universal agreement on what good choral tone is and each choir member has to strive to attain it. The first three quarters we learn the ingredients and methods and by the fourth quarter put it all together to achieve our goal of a beautifully blended choir.
Music Reading: As we have been preparing for contest we've had to set aside our skill building in this area, but come Thursday we will be back at it! Sight reading and rhythms here we come!
Repertoire: It's likely we will use two songs from last fall's festival, add a Korean piece, a love song, and possibly one more.
Music Analysis: The students have done one pop song analysis thus far this quarter; this week they will need to do one for one contest piece.
Listening Analysis: The way our choir and band have been scheduled it will be difficult for us to get a chance to hear any other choirs. This is most unfortunate because this can be a tremendous learning vehicle. We have been listening to ourselves and analyzing what we hear this past week.